Robert M. Cutler

I am completing a lecture and consultation tour through Romania and Hungary, and although I have not yet had time to collect my impressions so as to share them, I invite feedback from readers to identify the issues that are of concern to you or opinions about which you may seek to spark discussion. (Indicative are the organizations inviting me to speak: Petroleum and Gas University, Ploiesti, Romania; Institute of World Economy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest; Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, Budapest; Department of International Relations, Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest; and numerous smaller technical/policy consultations with NGOs as well as ministerial representatives.) Although many of my discussions focused on oil and gas (including trans-Caspian and trans- and circum-Black Sea), they ranged so far as to include, for example. also the marketization of electricity generation in Romania and energy efficiency in Hungary. This blog post instantiates, potentially, an open (moderated) forum for exploration of questions of common interest, and will become what you make of it.

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